Friday, August 04, 2006

Somewhere in geekland.....

Somewhere in geekland, this conversation is happening - right now...

Jack or Wesley?


Wesley? No way a guy with a name like Wesley is cooler than Jack. Jack is way cooler.

Sorry. Jack is a gay stoner. Wesley was all man - a man's man! Besides, Wesley was also the Dread Pirate Roberts. What's cooler than having your own title?

Being in a movie trilogy. Anyway, the guy's girlfriend was named Buttercup. How lame is that?

As opposed to Jack's girlfriend's name. What was it? I forget. That's right. He didn't have one, the vomitous mass!

Jack wasn't tied down to any one woman. He was too cool for that. And you have to admit, Jack would totally waste him in a fight.

Are you serious? Jack would run away like the sissyboy that he is. Wesley was undefeated. He even bested a giant!

Dude, Professional wrestling is totally fake. Besides, Johnny Depp is a big star AND now the poster child of cool actors. Wesley was played by...who?

Carey Elwes - who also played Robin Hood - with a genuine british accent.

Oh sure, in a bad Mel Brooks movie!

Doesn't matter. Robin Hood is an icon of cool, so by association, Wesley is cool. What else did Johnny do in the genre? Got cut up by Freddy Krueger - a villian that wasn't even real. Johnny's got swords, but Carey's got bows and swords. He'd toast crybaby in a fight!

Not if he brought his scissor hands!

Good point.

Will or Inigo?


What?! Are you nuts?

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